Teach genocide!
Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: January 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hrant Dink

Ogün Samast, murderer

Nearly two weeks after the Armenian-Orthodox Christmas, this 17-year old youth took the bus from Trabzon to Istanbul with a gun in purpose to kill the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

This youth could not possible be clever enough to do this by hes own, so who hired Ogün?
We all now know that is was the 26 year old Yasin Hayal, the same Yasin who tried to blow
up a McDonalds building. But who hired Yasin Hayal?

Yasin Hayal, Terrorist and Murderer

Hrant was a Kurdish friend and spoke several times about the Armenian genocide wich ended in 1915. Our friend Hrant died for this.

Hrant Dink 1954-2007

The Turkish Articles 159 and Article 301 is now in focus and doubted for its competence, these articles was used against Hrant Dink for "Insulting the Turkishness" wich can not fit in a democratic society.. but how democratic is Turkey?

Other inhuman Articles in the Turkish law system is Article 8 in the anti-terrorist law wich do not allow uncomfortable propaganda, meetings and demostrations with opinions that do not subject oneself under the goverment. Then whe have Article 312 against "hate-propaganda" wich is
used against the same things as the other disgusting articles.
These articles is used as excuses to arrest people the regime consider as a enemy of the state.

In a interview with the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SVD) Hrant said that "2007 will be a dark year for me and I do not know if I will live trough the year"
Hrant Dink survived 19 days of 2007, he know what was comming.

We saw this barbaric youth Ogün showing no regret and telling the press that he was proud and that he would do it again.. what whe learn out of this is that our tears feed them!

"Our dearest friend , our brother .
the editor in chief of AGOS newspaper Hrant Dink has been assasinated ruthlessly.

There are no words to explain our pain.
Our deepest condolences for those who can still feel themselves as human beings."
Agos Members