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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: March 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kurdified Armenians in northern Kurdistan

The interviews you will find in this post is pieces from an article By Hamo Moskofian in Wiesbaden-Marseilles ("SONS OF THE ARMENIAN NATION WHO "TURNED INTO" KURDS AND TURKS").
Photo: kurdish-info.net - Kurdish guerrilla

"I was born in Karmir Khach (Kzl Akhach) village of Taron. We shunned the Armenian Genocide as we accepted Islam feigningly and were Kurdish-speaking. My father and brother enrolled in the PKK to fight against Turkish fascism, they were imprisoned and tortured numerous times. I've been studying and working here in Germany for a long time and am in touch with the Armenian community and the progressive forces. But in Western Armenia, especially in originally Armenian Vardo town, which was stricken by an earthquake in 60s and where my relatives live, human rights violations are rampant"
Simon Kostanian (Sardet Kosdun), who regained his Armenian identity today, tells.

There are many hidden Armenians in Adiyaman (Kurdish= Sêmsûr), the Kurdish local tradition clothes has a strong influence from the Armenian culture.
"My parents concealed our identity particularly because being an Armenian was an unforgettable affront in Adiamani where I am coming from. Despite this, many "Kurdish" and "Turkish" Armenians were called gavur* . The film I am trying to shoot is about an Armenian outcast and also is an odyssey of a Western Armenians who survived the Genocide. I shall realize my plans if I find necessary support in Armenia and by the help of our confederates in Western Europe"
Razmik tells. (Gavur* means infidel)

Starving Armenians in Mush humiliated by a wealthy man with a piece of bread
"There are around 1000 Armenians in Mush. The Turkish government has forgotten us for a while, as there are the Kurds to deal with. The sons of the Kurdish people say sorry for their fathers' deeds who were killing Armenians together with the Turks"
Armen from Mush says.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kurdish recognition of the Armenian genocide

The following wiki-article is created by Kurdistan and Hayastan

Kurdish recognition of the Armenian genocide

Hovhannes Badalian - the Armenian dengbêj

The meaning of dengbêj in Kurdish is not the same thing as stiranbêj, stiranbêj means singer but dengbêj means something in style with "singer without instrument" or "one man trubadur singer". The common dengbêj song in Kurdish is a sad song about love, life or death.

There are no Armenian dengbêj but there are Armenians singing as Kurdish dengbêj in Kurdish, like Hovhannes Badalian. Hovhannes was, like Karapetê Xaco and Aramê Tîgran, singing in the northern Kurdish dialect Kurmancî.

Badalian was Armenian from Iran and was born in 1924, Hovhannes family fled to Iran during the genocide against the Armenians in the Ottoman empire (Turkey). Unfortunately he passed away in Yerevan, 2001.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sivan Perwer about the Armenian genocide

Sivan Perwer speaks about the Armenian Genocide.

Visit Freemuse.org for full clip!

Sivan is a Kurdish poet, writer, musical teacher, singer, and the leading Kurdish artist. He is considered by many Kurds as the greatest Kurdish musician of all time. He holds several honorary doctorates in music.

Not another Hrant!

The Turkish nationalist party leader, Dog together with twelve other people, including a retired Turkish general has been arrested over an plan to kill Orhan Pamuk and Kurdish figures like Osman Baydemir, Leyla Zana and Ahmet Turk.

Orhan has recieved numerous death threats since he said the following sentences:

"Thirty thousand Kurds, and a million Armenians were killed in these lands and nobody dares to talk about it."

"What happened to the Ottoman Armenians in 1915 was a major thing that was hidden from the Turkish nation; it was a taboo. But we have to be able to talk about the past."
During an award ceremony in Germany: "I repeat, I said loud and clear that one million Armenians and 30,000 Kurds were killed in Turkey."

Orhan supported the Kurdish political rigths in 1995, he wa in a group of authors tried for writing essays that criticized Turkey's treatment of the Kurds.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

[Facebook group] - Kurds Recognize the Armenian Genocide

The creator is a Kurd settled in the US. The description of the group is:

Kurds Recognize the Armenian Genocide! The Kurds view the the Genocide of the Armenians as a black chapter in history and recognize the genocide as a shameful event. the Kurds stand with the Armenians and condemn Turkey for continuously denying the genocide and condemn the KUrdish tribes that worked with the Ottoman empiure during those times. Kurdish President and parliaments in kurdistan and in exile and many other Kurds have recognized the genocide and some Kurdish leaders have even written about it in their books.

Turkey should learn from Australia

photo: Lisa Olsson

This was the Australian newpaper Indigenous Times the day after that the PM of Australia Kevin Rudd held a speech in the parliament where he appologized to the Aboriginal people, the 13th February will always be remembered amoung the Aboriginal people as the "Sorry day".
The apology was a step in the rigth direction even if the threatment against the Aboriginal people was not labeled as a genocide.

The Armenians is next in line, waiting for a apology and recognition that a genocide occured and that over 1.5 million people was killed in this genocide. Turkey can not open a new era until the "G" word is solved.

Will Sabah ever publish a similar "We say sorry" frontpage to the Armenians as the Indigenous Times did?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kurdish protester: Not another Armenian Genocide

Turkey is not far from committing Kurdish genocide

From KurdishAspect.com

Turkey’s double standard is very obvious when the Turkish President sending friendly messages to Europe and presenting the democratic side of secular Turkey while restating on fighting the PKK. Turkey has to apologize for the Armenian genocide instead of committing another massacre in Iraqi Kurdistan.


A boycott was carried out by the Turkish streets in response to the implementation of the human right laws by European countries. In 2000 the Turkish consumer association boycotted Belgian made products, asking Belgian to undermine its civil society and extradite someone to be executed in Turkey. In 2006 various Turkish supermarkets also boycotted French products, because the French parliament passed the Armenian genocide bill.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008