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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: November 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

False statement by Andrey Areshev

Armenian relations are undergoing negative
transformations, according to Andrey Areshev, deputy director of
Strategic Culture Foundation.

Areshev claim that `anti-Armenian publications in Kurdish media are met more frequently. It's an alarming tendency, Which Should be prevented '.
This is not true, Kurdish media, express themselves very rarely negative about minorities in Kurdistan or Armenia as a neighbor.

There is the current situation is not a single Kurdish media channel that denies the genocide or who tried to disparage the Armenians.
As a Mather of fact it has several Kurdish newspapers an open and formal policy that does not diminish or deny the genocide that took place in 1915 against the Armenians in which Kurdish groups also were involved as perpetrators.
One example is the Kurdish Herald, which has it written into their policies and guidelines that they dont publish materials includin 'denial of the Armenian Genocide, including using attributes that lessen the significance of the event " [SOURCE]

Read more about the Kurdish media here:

Areshev's statement is unfortunate and not true, what he is trying to achieve so he should do so by telling the truth.