Teach genocide!
Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: February 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kurdish musician in Armenia recieves a plaque of honor

Egite Jmo (born 1932 in Armenia) His family had fled Van, northern Kurdistan in 1918.
He began playing flute at the age of 9 and Egite worked for more than 30 years for the Kurdish radio of Yerivan - Denge Erivan. His dream is to provide courses of flute for Kurdish children of Amed (Diyarbekir), in northern Kurdistan.

At the beginning of November 2007, the Kurdish association of Armenia, "Tev Çandê ", has granted in Erivan, the capital of Armenia, a plaque of honor to the famous Kurdish flute player, Egite Jmo.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How the Armenian Genocide resolution affected south Kurdistan

In October last year, the Turks wanted to prevent the Armenian Genocide recognition by United States. The bill was voted Yes and this angered the Turks.
In this video, we see a Turkish diplomat saying "We can play hardball to".
The recognition bill motivated the Turkish state to invade south Kurdistan, the conflict is still going on in south Kurdistan.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The creative Armenian/Kurdish girl from Denmark

Angel, as she calls herself grew up in west Denmark with her danish mom. She have Armenian/Kurdish roots from her dad.

Angel found happiness in music and drum beats but nowadays creates Triphop - Hiphop - Turntablism etc. Angel loves any kind of music still today, her biggest passion is music in every shape and sound and beat.