Teach genocide!
Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: February 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Terror or Traitor?

Many groups in the world is desperate of being heard, respected and recognized, and they are
under a lot of pressure. What we in the Kurdish and Armenian diaspora must do is to condemn this groups and composure our feelings, we must act professional and not radical.

Education is the keyword for today's post, educate instead of adopting inhuman methods..
Even if your present situation is in a inhuman society.
Making our voices heard and taking advantage with idealistic and non-profit methods, that is what the Kurdish struggle against their superior enemies and what the Armenian persons in the genocide movements need to do, to follow and aim at a specific track..
And that path demands both patience and time.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons

Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA)

But as much as the activists needs to remain cautios diplomatics, they need to remember
that there is unfortunately worse things than violents acts.. traiting, betrayal and traitor to one´s country.

Artin Penik´s treacherous death speech

Armenia, Decrease corruption! Said OECD.

The OECD Anti-corruption network raised their voice and stated that Armenia immediately should take care of their issue with corruption and that the faults must be attended to in a nearby future.

  • The number of convictions for corruption is low, especially for high-ranking officials, and more efforts must be made to investigate allegations and bring cases to court;
  • Cooperation between law enforcement and financial control institutions needs to be improved;
  • Greater transparency and a more effective monitoring mechanism is needed to cut abuse of the system for declaring gifts and assets by public officials;
  • Information requested by ordinary citizens and non-governmental organisations, and access to information at the local level, needs to be provided more quickly and fully;
  • To tackle the pervasive tradition of bribe-giving in Armenia, the leadership of the country needs to lead and support anti-corruption efforts, through a combination of law-enforcement, further legal reform and public education campaigns.

Armenia as a independent country since 16 years have suffered and been affected by corruption since the fall of Soviet Union. The former corrupt Soviet government have discoloured the Armenian flag and the various kinds of problems remains.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A theatrical documentary regarding the Armenian Genocide

Leadsinger of the Armenian-American band System of a down Serj Tankian
Documentary feature examining why genocides keep occurring -- from the Armenian genocide in 1915, to the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda and now Darfur -- through the eyes and music of the Grammy award-winning rock band “System of a Down,” based in Los Angeles, whose members are all grandchildren of genocide survivors.

Screamers Poster

Ataturk completed the Armenian Genocide. He fulfilled what Talaat Pasha and Enver Pasha had started in 1915, the eradication of the Armenian population of Anatolia and the termination of Armenian political aspirations in the Caucas, he ordered his army to kill thousands of Greeks as well

Screamers Trailer

Monday, February 5, 2007

Central Iraqi academics is fleeing to Kurdistan

Imagine yourself trying to study in the Baghdad National Library or tending on a lecture at the Baghdad University, from time to time being interrupted by the rumble sound from of a mortar, echo of a machine gun or just a Apache helicopter passing by.

To concentrate in the middle of a battle ground must be unpleasant and because of the insecurity as a academic in the hazardous and risky central Iraq, they flee to northern Iraq...
To Kurdistan.

From January to November in 2006, the total combined annual students from Iraq was totally 1200 students, many to them to Hawler Medical University. The number of students from Iraq is rapidly growing and increasing to the five university's of south Kurdistan (Listed in the end of this post).

Question at Issue
It is morally right to receive the refugee academics to Kurdistan but if they choose to stay and settle and take up residence in Kurdistan, could it in further future cause and give rise to a similar conflict as the deal with the Turkmen minority in Kirkuk?
If they settle up in Kurdistan, how would it influence their nationality? Would they assimilate or will they create their own society?
One cannot ignore the fact that the Kurds could get into a conflict with other nationalities and this is something that the Kurdish Regional Government should concentrate on investigating.

"We have been forced to receive more students then we expected" says the
Mohamed Sabir from the Kurdish Regional Government in Kurdistan.

University of Kurdistan
University of Duhok
University of Sulaimani
Salahaddin University
Hawler Medical University