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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: January 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yezidi Kurds turn to Obama with the request to recognize the Yezidi Kurdish genocide

A group of Yezidi Kurds will turn to president Obama with the request to force Turkey to recognize the genocide of the Yezidi Kurds during the First World War.
In the rotation it is indicated that in the epoch of the authority of the Young Turks, they stand accused on the Armenian massacres, the Yezidi-Kurds was destroyed together with them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Armenian artist from Kurdistan remembers Hrant Dink

The Armenian artist from Kurdistan, M.Z, painted this picture in rememberence of the murdered Armenian journalist Hrant Dink (5th January 2008).

Travel to Central Arabia, Kurdistan and Armenia. 1892 by Eduard Nolde

Reise nach Innerarabien, Kurdistan und Armenien. 1892 von Eduard Nolde

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With Armenia and Kurdistan by Eduard Nolde

With Armenia and Kurdistan by Eduard Nolde

ISBN 10: 3865030467
ISBN 13: 9783865030467 ISBN 13: 9783865030467
Untertitel: Mit Champagner auf Karwanenpfaden 1892. Subtitle: With champagne on Karwanenpfaden the 1892nd Hrsg. v. Helmut Arndt Hrsg v. Helmut Arndt
Serie: Alte Abenteuerliche Reiseberichte Series: Old Adventurous Travelers
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Art - Kurdish women in Armenia

Kurdish women in Armenia
Old postcard printed in 1936 in Georgia.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Past and Present: genocide of Armenians

Kurdish journalist about the Armenian genocide

Past and Present: genocide of Armenians

Alevit Because I am and we are in our area had no mosque, I have in my childhood with admiration the ruins of the Armenian churches considered. Although the walls of the churches were haggard, remained domes on the pillars on which the wonderful images to be seen. My birthplace was in the Kurdish language "Kizilkilise" Red Church. But like all the Kurdish name was also in Kizilkilise Turkish Nazimiye umbenannt.Meine childhood was shaped by two events. For one, this was the Dersim massacre that is still very fresh and very painful, since it took place and in 1937/38 to 70,000 Kurds by the Turkish army were killed. The second was the Armenian Genocide, adopted by the Turkish army in the years 1915-16 has been carried out and where both one and half million Armenians as well as half a million Assyrians were exterminated.

In the winter months, I have received from the people in my place of birth often heard these two events. We cried to the painful plight of the Armenian neighbors. To Anatolia a people, one nation, one state, a Sunni faith to allow the Turkish regime would clearly only the Armenians and Assyrians from the world, then the Kurds.

General Kazim Karabekir, against the Armenian and Assyrian peoples in the war, said: "Bu yandan zo zo lari, dönünce de lo lo isini Larin bitirecegiz." That means we are to the east during the invasion, the Armenians, on the way back to exterminate the Kurds.

Thus, I would say quite clearly that there is always a strategic state ideology of Turkey was only the Christian peoples, Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks from Turkey and Turkey is a Islamic state to make, then the remaining non-Turkish people the Kurds with their genocide and Ethnozid out of the way to create.

To implement this policy, the Turkish rulers of the people always played off against one another, deep hatred and large gaps between the peoples caused the hostility who are. Therefore, the Kurdish feudal lords of this Turkish policy is a very welcome tool and that it is today.

Therefore, the Turkish regime in Nordkurdistan some Sunni tribes, which immediately upon Armenians and Assyrians living in Mesopotamia, used for their cause. This Aschirets (strains) were only in the field Van, Urfa, Agri, Bingol and Mus, and they have been called Hasenen, Cibran, Zirkan, Sipkan, Zilan, Milan Aschirets etc. These are only a minority of Kurds, the regime has neither the Cooperation with Alevi Kurds still ezidischen and many other Sunni Kurds can get.

These were Aschirets sharply against Christians and they have made on behalf of the Turkish state and Islam were killed. We, the Kurds see that today's massacre of Armenians as a disgrace for the Kurdish people. I am ashamed that the Kurds their neighbors in this way have barbarically killed.

In the shadow of World War I. The Turks under Enver Pasha, Talat and Cemal with the approval and knowledge of Germany, the Christenpogrom in Anatolia and Mesopotamia before the eyes of the world organized. It was the first genocide in human history, precisely planned and had been carried out.

But we must also consider other side of the coin. These rags Brigades, which Turkey from 36 Kurdish tribes had recruited, according to the massacre of the Christian peoples, and also against Alevi ezidische (not Muslim) are Kurds. The regiments were exclusively from the Sunni tribes in Nordkurdistan formed.

This means that the young Turkish regime (Ittihat Terakki) in order to divide working towards the Kurds, according to the principle of "divide and rule" policy, better off against them. This was between Sunni and Alevi Kurds up continued today, causing enmity insurmountable.

The Hamidiye regiments were village guards as of today against the Kurds instrumentalised. Through the formation of such regiments was also the emergence of consciousness prevented Kurdish independence. This fact does not matter whether Armenians or Assyrians or Kurds but against itself, remains a blot on the Kurdish history.

Those Bandit, of Kurdish origin, yesterday Armenian villages attacked and killed people, now holds nothing back in order to kill his peers. Without doubt, one might wonder whether someone because others want it, can kill people?

Yes, the history of mankind is full of such happenings. Only about 50 years ago was the German fascism, the Jewish people to destroy industrial nature. This opinion after the victims were to blame! It relies on the Hitler Kemalists, those masters of genocide against the Armenians and Assyrians, and said about: The Kemalists have massacred the Armenians, the world has been seen. If I massacre the Jews, who will do something about that?

On this basis, he took the second largest genocide of the twentieth century.

The Turkish state is now the Kurds to their fellow countrymen to fight. As before, the Brigades were Hamidiye today to light Korucu-founded village guards gangs, whose number amounts to over 100,000. They are fighting against the Kurdish liberation movement, the guerrillas, who also are Kurds, and for freedom and prosperity and to fight all kinds of sacrifices, and in the mountains for their lives.

The mentality which yesterday massacred Armenians and Assyrians, Kurds can now massacre.

The Kurds in Dersim, despite pressure from the Turks, the Armenians who lived in their area, but not delivered protected. This protection of the Armenians were the Kurds of Dersim expensive later on, since the submission of Dersim in the year 1937/38 a punitive expedition of the Turkish state was.

Turkey is a multi-ethnic state. There live Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and other minorities. Although Turkey internatonalen almost all agreements and
- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- The European Convention on the Conservation of Human Rights
- The CSCE Final Act, in the equal rights of peoples and their right to self-determination and for all the right to education in their mother tongue is recognized, had signed, they are daily violated human rights. And she wants with this witness in the EU.

The Armenian people was through the policy of Turkey in Anatolia exterminated. We, the Kurds want to share with our neighbors, Armenians, Assyrians and Turks live together peacefully. We want a country in which the sound of the church bell and the call of the muezzin are side by side.

We are no longer the Kurds, the tool of Turkey and their Christian neighbors eradicated. We are ashamed of us and would therefore do everything well.


hagalil.com 14-04-2005

By Haydar Isik


Kurdish journalist about the Armenian genocide (turkish)


15.Nisan 2005

Siz, İzmir’de yaşayan bir Ermeni doktor, İstanbul’da sarraf, Bursa’da tüccar, Afyon’da manifaturacı, hatta Türk ordusunda subaysınız. Anadolu’nun her tarafına dağılmış yaşıyorsunuz. Bir zamanlar Kilikya’da Ermeni Krallığınız vardı. Akdeniz kıyılarında yoğun yaşamaktasınız. Van’da kurulan Urartu devletinin torunlarısınız, orada da nüfusunuz yoğun. Sonra, dünyayı algılayan aydın insansınız. Osmanlı Devletinin feodal gericiliğine, teokratik, diktatör yönetimine karşı diğer halkların aydınlarıyla demokratikleşme çareleri aramaktasınız. Yönetimi değiştirmek için Türklerle beraber uğraş veriyorsunuz. Birlikte kurduğunuz örgüt başarılı olduktan sonra, mızrağın ucunu size gösteriyor. “Ermeniye ölüm!” diyor.

Sonra insanlık için uğursuz yıllar geliyor. I.Dünya Savaşı başlıyor. Almanya, Türkiye’yi saflarında tutmak için, İstanbul’daki Sultan’a “Kutsal Cihad” açtırır. Ve bugün bazı bilim adamları iddia eder ki; Kutsal Cihad plan ve programı, Berlin’de son detaylarına kadar hazırlanıp İttihat ve Terakki paşaları Talat, Enver ve Cemal’e verilir.

Siz Ermeni doktor, tüccar, sarraf, sanatçı, fabrikatör, yani burjuvazi zengin hayat sürdürürken, bir gün kapınıza asker ve polis dayandı. Önce genç erkekleri toplayıp askere aldılar, sonra çoluk, cocuk, kadın, erkek, yaşlı genç yola düşürüldünüz. Nereye gideceğinizi bile bilemeden, binler, on binler, yüz binler İstanbul, İzmir, Ege ve tekmil Anadolu’dan yola çıkarıldınız.

Yozgat ve Çorum tarafından geçirilen kafilelere, Türk köylüleri saldırırken, Türk askeri üç maymunu oynadı. Kestiler Ermenileri, biçtiler, altın dişten, bileziğe velhasıl ne varsa öldürerek aldılar. Aylarca sürdü yürüyüş, ne yıkandılar, ne yediler. Kafile doğuya giderken, ya Türk köylüsünün katliamı, ya da insan gücünün sonuna gelindiğinden sayı giderek azaldı.

Kürdistan’a girişleri de utanç vericiydi. Bugünün korucuları olan o zamanın “Hamidiye Alayları”, çapulcu şerefsizler, bazı Kürt aşiretlerinden devşirilen katiller saldırdılar, Van’da, Kemah’ta ve başka yerlerde Sultan ve İslam Halifesi adına katlettiler. Bunlar utancımızdır. İnsan olduğuna inanan her Kürt utanır bu çapulcu eşkıyaların yaptıklarından.

Kimi bir buçuk milyon, kimi az veya çok gördü bu sayıyı. Ama Türk devleti tarihte ilk planlı programlı katliama imazısını attı. Suriye çöllerine sürülenler koleradan öldüler. Dünya seyretti. Katliam savaşın gölgesinde yapıldı. Aynen Dersim gibi. Dersimliler Ermenileri nispeten korumuşlardı. Ermeniler Alevi olmuş, komşusu Kürtler gibi yaşıyordu. Kemalist devlet: “Sen misin bana Ermeniyi teslim etmeyen?” dediği için Dersim’den öfkesini 70.000 kişi katlederek aldı.

Komşumuz Ermeniler nerede? Kivramız semerci Hüsnü, Agop arkadaşımız? Bir halkı bu şekilde tarih sahnesinden silmek hangi kitaba sığar? Kur’an’da var mı bu insafsızlık? Türk devleti Osmanlıyla övünüyor, ünleniyor, ama Ermeni katliamını görmüyor? Üstelik mağdur, maktul Ermeniyi suçlu yapıyor.

Ben çocukken bizim oralarda Ermeni kiliseleri vardı, hamamları, mezbahaları vardı. Kiliseler yerlebir edildi. Ermeni ve Kürt isimler Türkçeleştirildi. Kızılkilise, Nazımiye yapıldı, Hakis Yayladere ve benim Türkçesini bilmediğim Xarik, Markasor vb ne yapıldılar, bilmiyorum.

Alman faşizmi, Türklerin Ermeni katliamını kendisine örnek aldı. Türkiye, savaşların gölgesinde önce Hıristiyan halkları ortadan kaldırdı, sonra mızrağın ucunu Kürtlere çevirdi. Böylece aldılar mazlumun ahını, öldürdüler milyonları. General Kazım Karabekir: “Giderken zo zo’ları, dönerken lo lo’ları temizleyeceğiz.”dedi. Gerçekten de önce Ermeniler, ardından Kürtler geldi. Bu ahı alanlar rahat edecekler mi? Milyonlarca Ermeninin ahı aheste aheste çıkmaz mı? Almanya katlettiği Yahudi halkından defalarca özür diledi. Türkiye ise, bu katliamı bir türlü kabul etmek istemiyor. Katilin haklılığı gibi bir davranış içindedir. Bir de katliamcı paşalarını onore ediyor. İttihat ve Terakki’nin Türk İslam sentezi bugün daha da katmerli sürdürülüyor.

Oysa Ermeniler topraklarında yaşayıp işinde gücünde olsalardı, ticaret, tarım ve endüstride ileri olan bu halk, Anadolu halklarına ışık tutacak onları aydınlatabilecekti. Gözü dönmüş Türk İslam sentezciler bunu göremezdi. Üstelik Türkiye; faşist, ırkçı Türk-İslam sentezini Kemalizm ile bütünleştirirken, dünyaya entegre olma olanağını da kaybediyor. 90 yıl önce Anadolu ve Mezopotamyadan Ermeni insanının çığlıkları yükseldi. En azından insan olan bu çığlığa saygılı olur. İzmir’de yaşayan Ermeni doktor, İstanbul’da sarraf, Bursa’da tüccar, Afyon’da manifaturacı, hatta Türk ordusunda subay, sanatçı, kültür insanı, dünyayı Türklerden daha iyi algılayan bu insanlar Ermeni oldukları için katledildiler. Bir buçuk milyon çığlık, rahatsız etmez mi sizi? O halde ne yaptınız? www.haydar-isik.com

Kurdish party apologizes to Armenians for 1915 incidentsKurdish party leader apologizes to Armenians for 1915

"Maybe Kurds have contributed to the loss of this (cultural) richness. We are ashamed when we look at our Armenian or Assyrian brothers"

/ Ahmet Turk , DTP.