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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Central Iraqi academics is fleeing to Kurdistan

Monday, February 5, 2007

Central Iraqi academics is fleeing to Kurdistan

Imagine yourself trying to study in the Baghdad National Library or tending on a lecture at the Baghdad University, from time to time being interrupted by the rumble sound from of a mortar, echo of a machine gun or just a Apache helicopter passing by.

To concentrate in the middle of a battle ground must be unpleasant and because of the insecurity as a academic in the hazardous and risky central Iraq, they flee to northern Iraq...
To Kurdistan.

From January to November in 2006, the total combined annual students from Iraq was totally 1200 students, many to them to Hawler Medical University. The number of students from Iraq is rapidly growing and increasing to the five university's of south Kurdistan (Listed in the end of this post).

Question at Issue
It is morally right to receive the refugee academics to Kurdistan but if they choose to stay and settle and take up residence in Kurdistan, could it in further future cause and give rise to a similar conflict as the deal with the Turkmen minority in Kirkuk?
If they settle up in Kurdistan, how would it influence their nationality? Would they assimilate or will they create their own society?
One cannot ignore the fact that the Kurds could get into a conflict with other nationalities and this is something that the Kurdish Regional Government should concentrate on investigating.

"We have been forced to receive more students then we expected" says the
Mohamed Sabir from the Kurdish Regional Government in Kurdistan.

University of Kurdistan
University of Duhok
University of Sulaimani
Salahaddin University
Hawler Medical University


Iraqi from the south said...

sorry. but that seems to be rather nonsense. wut do u mean by assimilate in Kurdistan? Practically this region is part of Iraq and those people are Iraqi citizens. therefore they can go wherever they want. there are some Kurds in southern Iraq who did not assimilate with the Arabic majority and we have no problem with them at all. There are up to 900 thousand Kurds in Baghdad, did any one threat them because they are Kurds? No. So plz calm down and no thing gonna happen. also remember sooner or later Iraq will stabilize and those people will return to Baghdad.

Anonymous said...


as you know Freedom in not FREE.

my Kurdish brotheres we must destroyed TURKEY.

Anonymous said...

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Jimbo said...

To the second comment, thank you for showing that the PKK and the ASALA are vicious bloodthirsty fanatics who are hungry for the blood of the citizens of Turkey. In WW1, you buffoons tried to divide Turkey and will fail once again. Bring it on you clowns!