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Monday, March 19, 2007

Red Kurdistan - The forgotten Kurdish autonomy

Kurdistana Sor.. or Red Kurdistan.
(Try to google! Russian: Kurdistanski Uezd/ Azeri: Kurdistani Okrug)

This historical autonomy from 1923 is almost forgotten today and very few knows what Red Kurdistan was today and was ordered by Lenin himself to be established.
The Ezidî Kurds from Armenia and the Kurds living in the Lachîn, Kelbajar and Ngorno-Karabakh and other nearby areas in Azerbadijan knows and remembers.
Red Kurdistan was officially set up on July 7, 1923 by the decision of a Special Committee.
Kurds lived in Red Kurdistan made up of four administrative units-Kelbajar, Lachin, Gubadly, Zengilan.
Kurdistanski Uezd was dissolved on April 8, 1929 after the Sixth Azerbaijani Congress of Soviets authorized the structural reshuffling of the administrative units.

The Kurds in the former Soviet Union lived in today's areas of the Caucasus and Turkemistan which have been traditional Kurdish settlements for centuries but this area is not any geographical area that the Kurds consider as they're homeland.
The Kurds according to the Soviet census was numbered as 150 000 but the Kurds in Soviet gave themselves much more higher numbers than that.

May 30, 1930 the Central Executive Committee of Azerbadijan came to the decision that they would establish Red Kurdistan once again with Lachîn as the autonomy´s capital with other districts that had been ignored the first time.

This time, Red Kurdistan survived 2½ months before the Central Executive Committee of Soviets and Council of People’s Commissar liquidated the on July 23, 1930.

Red Kurdistanis were briefly able to take Kurdish summer classes in 1931; the same year the newspaper “Soviet Kurdistan” was founded in Lachîn.
This areas is controlled by Armenia today.

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Megri said...

It is a shame that the Armenian state did not try to reestablish RED KURDISTAN on Azerbaidjan territory after its victory in 1994. Instead, the Kurds were not differentiated from Azerbaidjanis and nearly all left for refugee camps, where they still live today. I think a reborn RED KURDISTAN would have been a wonderful way to punish Azerbaidjan for its poor treatment of Karabakh, while also punishing Turkey for supporting Baku with its blockade. Best of all, RED KURDISTAN would be entirely on Azerbaidjan territory, relieving Yerevan of the claim of illegal occupation of Lachin and other lands. Furthermore, RED KURDISTAN would be a successful bridge between Armenia and Karabakh. And what would Baku say to a moslem Kurdish state reborn on former Azerbaidjani SSR territory? What would Ankara do about the only independent Kurdish state in the world?