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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Carl Von Linné - honoured by the Armenian culture

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carl Von Linné - honoured by the Armenian culture

Gayane is a four act ballet and with music composed originally from 1942.
Gayane is also the name of an Armenian dancing group in Uppsala, a city close to Swedens capital Stockholm in Scandinavia.
The members of the dance group Gayane is
This dansgroup danced (on 3th juny) in tribute to the Swedish zoologist, physician and world famous botanist Carl Von Linné on his 300th birthday.
Carl was going to be a priest but did not do so well in school so his interest in botany got him to study, he is thought of as one of the fathers of modern ecology.

he Uppsala Armenian Cultural Union's Gayane dancing group headed by Armine Zakinian and also choreographed the play including ballet and other genres, the play was called (translated from Swedish) "An fragrance from Armenia to the garden of Linné".

Linnéträdgården / The Garden of Linné

In the first part of this play, crane´s fly from Armenia to Sweden in to Mr Linné´s garden where they dance. Later on in the play, the Gayane dancegroup displays traditional folkdance, modern and classic dances from Armenia.

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