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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad in Armenia

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad in Armenia

President of Armenia - Robert Kocharyan

Iranian president Ahmadinejad is currently visiting Armenia for private meetings with the Armenian president Kocharyan, Ahmadinejad will hold a speech in the Armenian parliament.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will also visit the Armenian Genocide memorial and the institute museum of the Armenian Genocide in the capital of Armenia and will leave Armenia tomorrow.

Today, Ahmadinejad made a symbolic speech in wich he avoided the word "genocide" in the Yerevan State University.

“Iran’s stand on the events of early 20th century in the Ottoman Empire bases on two principles, the first principle is that each nation should remember its history but face the future and this must not lead to repetition of the past. Second, Iran will always be by Armenia’s side” he said.

  • Why should Germany not remember its history?
  • Why was this "infringements of human rights" not a genocide?

Ahmadinejad is a holocaust denier and claims that no Jew have been killed during WW2 by Nazi-Germany.


Frieda said...

What a bunch of BS...Iran has never recognized the Genocide in the parliament and where is Armenians outrage there! and I hate to see Armenia is one of the few business partners Iran has left to do business with.

Ferrus said...

yeah, it`s pretty interesting that Ahmedinedjadis visiting countries like the USA or Armenia!

Turkish politician Dogu Perincek is a deniar of the Armenian genocide...he visited Switzerland and got ounished by law. But politicians like Ahmedinedjad can be deniars of 2 genocides without beging punished by law...


Well Iran has helped Armenians In many problems . We are happy to the union of Yerevan and Tehran . And regarding the holocaust. I will say, do to our research not more then 600.000 Jews has been killed and that is a self cleaning strategy that Jews have done .. lets not forget that Hitler was a Jew himself . And lets think what did the Holocaust give to the Jewish Community 1) A home ( Israel ) 2) money ( from German Government ) 3) destroyed the reputation of the Aryan race ( the biggest fear of the Jewish Nation ) and much much more.

Hratch said...

If only 600,000 Jews died, then we need to re-evaluate Armenian Genocide. The Turks would then be acting in self-defence against insurrections in their empire