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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Kurdish Armenian congress 1909

The need of a military alliance between the Armenian and Kurdish people was more important a hundred years ago than it is today, the only way theese two people has affected each other in modern history was actualy when the Turkish parliament a couple of weeks ago gave thumb up to invade southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) after the US congress voted Yes for recognition of the Armenian genocide. The recognition made the Turkish parliament angry and this decreased the ties between USA and Turkey, this made it possible for the Turks to invade southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) wich is the most stabile and safe region in Iraq wich US opposed.

The Armenian and Kurdish peasantry were more secure and prosperous than they had been in living memory in 1908 in northern Kurdistan (occupied by the Ottoman Empire before the republic of Turkey was created).

Sheik Abdul Qadir created in the spring of 1909 in Shamdinan the Kurdish Armenian congress in purpose to unite the Kurdish and Armenian people and to create a brotherhood between them.

Sheik Abdul said
"We must live like brothers with the Armenians. We must restore those lands wich they claim and wich have not yet been restored. We will work to strengthen understanding and concord among Ottoman compatriots"

A year after this, in the autumn of 1910, Sayyid Nursi himself traveled through Amêd (Diyarbakir in turkish occupied Kurdistan) and urged the Kurds to unite and not see each others diffrences. He also said:
"Kurdistan belonged to the Kurds and Armenians, not the Turks"


nahro said...

good information. have you got any source on this subject.

Kurdistan and Hayastan said...

Here is the source for the Kurdish Armenian congress from 1909


A Modern History of the Kurds by David McDowall, page 97

JoJo said...

Good Job! I own the book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about the Kurds...