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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: US election - for Armenian or Kurdish interests ?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

US election - for Armenian or Kurdish interests ?

The US election could be confusing when the competition is so intensive between the candidates. In one of the corners, the christian Hillary Clinton has interests for the Kurds and on the other side we have the muslim Barack Obama with his interests for the middle eastern christians.

Hillary Clinton said:

"We also have to look to see how the Kurds are being treated, because the Kurds have behaved very well in this," she said. "They took their opportunity for freedom from (former Iraqi leader) Saddam Hussein's tyrannical rule, and they've been building their society in the north of Iraq.

Finally, we will have to protect our interests. We'll have an embassy there. And if the Iraqi government does get its act together, we may have a continuingtraining mission." she added.

Obama at the same time pledges to recognize Armenian genocide if he is elected president.

"As president, I will recognize the Armenian genocide," Obama said in a statement posted on his Web site last weekend after a meeting with leaders of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). Obama has also pledged to put an end to "Turkish and Azerbaijani blockades" of Armenia as president.

"As a U.S. senator, I have stood with the Armenian American community in calling for Turkey's acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide." he said.
But meanwhile, Barak is also obviously opposing a Kurdish state and drawing parallel between the Kurds and Talibans.

Other candidates about the Armenian genocide:
  • Rudy Giuliani issued genocide proclamations when he was mayor of New York in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Senator John McCain has consistently opposed genocide resolutions
  • Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are not known as pro-Armenian politicians.


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many thanks for sharing the information.


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tja gurgin Obama är kristen (Y)

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lan sikile sikile ölüyosunuz götünüzden haberiniz yok

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ravingb said...

I think that now we have Joe Biden as Obamas running mate we have a dynamic duo of president and vice-president who will suit both the Armenian's needs and the Kurd's needs.