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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not another Hrant!

The Turkish nationalist party leader, Dog together with twelve other people, including a retired Turkish general has been arrested over an plan to kill Orhan Pamuk and Kurdish figures like Osman Baydemir, Leyla Zana and Ahmet Turk.

Orhan has recieved numerous death threats since he said the following sentences:

"Thirty thousand Kurds, and a million Armenians were killed in these lands and nobody dares to talk about it."

"What happened to the Ottoman Armenians in 1915 was a major thing that was hidden from the Turkish nation; it was a taboo. But we have to be able to talk about the past."
During an award ceremony in Germany: "I repeat, I said loud and clear that one million Armenians and 30,000 Kurds were killed in Turkey."

Orhan supported the Kurdish political rigths in 1995, he wa in a group of authors tried for writing essays that criticized Turkey's treatment of the Kurds.


Frieda said...

I just read that President Bush and his wife both are reading Pamuk's books. Maybe something will be awakens.

Kurdistan and Hayastan said...

Hopefully Frieda!