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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Article - Kurds Of Armenia Against Turkey

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Article - Kurds Of Armenia Against Turkey

Waving the Kurdish and Armenian flags to and fro and with the pictures
of Ocalan on the flags, groups of Kurds organized a protest today
near the Shahumyan square to demand the release of head of the PKK
Abdullah Ocalan.

"We demand Turkey to release Ocalan. We condemn the Turks for that
act of terrorism and for torturing our Ocalan. As long as we live,
we are going to fight for our freedom," said Sevil Amoyan.

Kurdish leader Ocalan has been in the Imali prison for 10 years for a
conspiracy and has been treated violently. Recently, there are more
threats that the Turks are ready to exterminate him. As a state,
Turkey is no different from the prison. This time the violence is
aimed not only at one person, but also the Kurds, who have found
themselves as hostages and have rose to defend their leader from
possible encroachments," said protester Emij Elyan.

The protesters moved towards the UN office where they handed the
statement made by the "Kurdistan" committee of Armenia stating the

"We call on all humanity, states and international organizations
to combine efforts and establish democracy in Turkey, eliminate the
threat of extermination of the Kurds and secure peace and justice in
the world."

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