Teach genocide!
Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: A Christmas comment to our Peshmerge´s.. Stay put!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas comment to our Peshmerge´s.. Stay put!

10 days has gone by since the goverment of Iraq stated that they wanted to exchange the American troops and forces in Baghdad with the kurdish Peshmerge force from north of Iraq, Kurdistan so that the US troops can leave Iraq.

Why should the Kurds be responsible over Baghdad?
It is a twisted statement that the Kurds should take care of Baghdads bussines and misary, i say let the problem stay in Baghdad and let the Iraqi handle it themself!

The Iraqi goverment might aswell suggest to send the Kurdish troops to figth with GAM in Indonesia.

4 days ago, The 20th December.
Until now, The Kurdish leaders opposed the Iraqi goverments will but agreed on sending some Peshmerga soldiers for special operations.

Kurds should not defend Iraqi territory and it is impossible for Iraq to turn to example Turkey in need of military resources.
The Iraqi goverment knows that the Turks have interest in Iraq and to let the Turkish military or Gendarma is to commit politcal suicide because.
Turkey, Iran and Syria wants to decrease the Kurdish influence in northern Iraq because if not, the "kurdish disease" will reach their boarders and spread among their country.
This is very important to remember during this situation that the coin has two sides.
We can establish that Iraq wants peace but are not willing to risk any ethnic civil war in Iraq, the Sunni - Shia problem is enough!
To sum up a conclusion.. Kurdistanians, stay in your motherland!


Anonymous said...

If you Kurds want a balancing power against Turkey and Turkish influence, then side with Iran instead of fighting Iran. We Persians and Kurds share common ancestors, are from the same Iranian/Aryan stock. Why do you make trouble for us? Join us against Turks.

Anonymous said...

Share ancestors maybe yes!
But allies with persians?
Do not think so, with Allies you mean beeing pursecuted as usual BUT be happpy with it at the same time.

Iran is doing the same thing against the Kurds as Turkey!

you post is a complete lie "brother"