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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Alevi Kurds = Armenians ?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Alevi Kurds = Armenians ?

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halaçoglu from TTK (Turkish Historical Society) has stated
that "Kurds are actually Turkmen and that the Alevi Kurds are actually

Yusuf Halaçoglu is the leading genocide denier in Turkey

"I do not speak without evidence. Some may prefer
making noisy arguments, but I do not make statements
without conducting studies. Professors bury their
heads in the sand."

Halacoglu also claims that many Turks became Kurds
due to the feudal structure of Ottoman society in the
16th century. Alevis, too, harshly reacted to
Halacoglu's remarks that `Alevi Kurds are actually Armenians.'

Yusuf Halaçoglu says that many Armenians identified
themselves as `Kurdish Alevis' in an attempt to save
themselves from the genocide, or as he self says the forced
migration of Armenians in 1915 to avoid a genocide label
on the nation.

This was found on the TTK´s homepage:
"Turkey should fight against this unjust and
biased legislation and try to prevent the genocide
label from being attached to the nation. Otherwise,
those Turkish children who read in textbooks that
their ancestors were murderers will suffer an
inferiority complex and will become asocial in the
countries in which they live."

Some of the Turkish security experts had claimed
that the PKK party is an Armenian terrorism and it
has been strong in the Armenian donmes region.

Justin McCarthy
Halacoglu together with the American Prof. Justin McCarthy is the
front figures in the genocide denial movement.


Marie said...

i found this:
"Aksion" magazine published the number and the "official" originality of the Armenians. According to it, 1000 Armenian families (converted to Kurds, Assyrians and Alevis) live in Diarbekir, 3655 families (as Alevi-Kurds) - in Malatia, 5000 Turks (hidden Armenians) - in Cesaria, 1000 families (as Kurds and Alevis) - in Eliazig, 4000 families (as Kurds) - in Van, 3500 families (as Kurds and Arabs) - in Urfa, 1200 families (as Arabs, and a little part as Kurds) - in Sgherd, 1100 families (as Arabs) - in Hata, 200 families (as Kurds) - in Bitlis, 3000 families (as Kurds, Alevis and a little part as Turks) - in Erzerum, 1300 families (as Alevis and Kurds ) - in Erznka, 1500 families (as Arabs) - in Mardin, 3000 families (as Kurds and Alevis) - in Marash, 1600 families (as Kurds) - in Adiyaman, 2000 families (as Kurdish-Alevis) - in Tungeli and 2000 families (as Kurds, Alevis and Arabs) - in Adana.

Marie said...


im french student & id like to ask to u smth im looking for information about the situation of hidden armenian which was occured after armenian genocide, nowadays, it still happens in turkey..
but i cant find too much documentation about it cuz turkey government has attempt to make disappeared the archive which hold in that.
have u seen this vid about it?:

Anonymous said...

the truth is most armenians who survived the genocide were sheltered by kurdish Alevi's, hence to live on further took up that identity. alevis are very tolerable against other religions and actually never got on with the ottomons or the current state. halacoglu is a racist scholar who belives in blood supremacy of turks and in his little mind trying to separate kurds with muslim beliefs, and actually uses the term armenian as a deregulatory word. thats the truth turks are thought to hate armenians and some even claim armenians committed a genocide on turks! oh well this is turkey !