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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Rebuilding Kurdistan

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rebuilding Kurdistan

Southern Kurdistan has been rebuild since 1992, from a war region to a wealthy region in Iraq wich welcomes foreign workers and business men to invest and live.
Imagine that a occupied country with no borders what so ever has since
1999 built around 1000 km of new roads/highways, 600 km repaired and resurfaced, 15 new bridges constructed with around 26% of Kurdistans budget spent on construction and repairing with a estimated number of 45 billion barrels of oil reserves wich is making it the 6th in the world with the the largest amount of oil (!).
The same year (-99) around 10,5 million dollars were spent buying surplus grain from local farmers and 60 new schools were built and 503 were renovated and refurbished.
Today, 35 new villages have been provided with electricity and 700 other villages have been repaired.

50 foreign companies since 2005 have registered in Hewler as international enterprises and many of them is foreign, mainly Turkish companies and Korean companies.

Koreans in Kurdistan

KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) has since 1992 modernized the bank system into a modern network with important bank activities, it is for an example since 1996 possible to open saving accounts.
Iraqi Kurdistan has 33.265 students and more than 2.700 schools and the amount of millionaires in south Kurdistan has grown from 5 (1991) to over 1000 (2003).

Foreign investers and workers has moved to south Kurdistan because of the fast growing of per capita income.
What we see is a wealthy country, with no borders...

Foreign workers (African and Asian) immigrants in Kurdistan


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