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Monday, September 17, 2007

Christianity in Kurdistan

A Kurdish bible in Soranî

Armenia was the first nation in the world that adopted Christianity, the first Christian state in history. St. Gregory was the one that influenced Armenia to adopt Christianity in the year of 301 CE.

The Christians in Kurdistan is mainly the Assyrians and the Armenians, when it comes to the Kurds they are Nestorian Christians.

There is also a Kurdish bible in both Kurmancî and Soranî and it is also available on the Internet:

You can read more about Christianity in Kurdistan on the first post published on this blog:

Beautiful Christian music in Kurdish


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an information I knew not about, specially that there are Christian Kurds who are of Nestorian branch...

There's a Kurdish Bible too... that's another thing I knew not about.

Anonymous said...

i love reading ur blog it always makes me say,thank God for been kurdish!!!u wirte very good,keep it up bor...

Anonymous said...

There aren't kurds who are christians and who are nestorians.

Nestorian is a misnomer and an erroneous title which was forced upon the Assyrian Christians following the argument between Nestorius the bishop of Constantinople and Cyril the bishop of Alexandria over whether Mary should be called Mother of Jesus or Mother of God.

When people use the word nestorian christians it implies that the Church of the East was started by Nestorius which is false because the Church of the East had its roots firmly established during the first century AD when the traces of Nestorius didn't even exist.

So there aren't kudish christians who are Nestorians,but there are kurdish converts who are joining Evangelical churches.There isn't such a thing as kurdish nestorians unless the owner of this website is considering the indigenous Assyrian Christians as "kurdish" which has been a practice followed by kurds for their own interests.

Why wouldn't he say kurdish armenians christians?

The Assyrians are culturally,linguistically,historically,racially and in every other aspect different from the kurds.

There are Assyrians who had been forced to become muslim-kurds during the Seyfo(Sword) Genocide of 1915-1918 other than that there are no such a thing as kurdish nestorian.This is nonesense...

Anonymous said...

mr Anonymous the nestorian church is not meant to be exclusively for assyrians....in history many peoples have been nestorians, one example is one time when many mongols became nestorians.....there has been nestorian churches in India and china.....this is not as impossible as you think....so what i mean is that there are the possibility that kurds can be members of the church of the east....

Frieda said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. your blog's name caught my attention (in Armenian Online Journals web site). I am Armenian myself but love reading about Kurdish people, and I am very pro-Kurdish rights! I was one of the few who was for the war in Iraq, because I knew it will bring freedom to Kurdish people. I lost many friends because I sighted with Kurdish people!

So, I am delighted to have found your blog, I read most of your post and loved every one them. So much wealth of information that I learned. Thank you .

Anonymous said...

Hello Gurgin,
yeah..it`s cool having Kurdish Bibles n the internet. I have 3 cassettes in Kurdish telling about Christianity, and 1 german Bible - although I`m not born Christian.

But I`m very interested in Christianity, Armenians - and especcially Kurds because I am kurd myself.

I think we can learn a lot from Chrisitanity: the more multicultural Kurds are, the more they will profit in the future (and the future is a fedral nation called Kurdistan!).

Thanks for these informative articles on your blog Gurgin!
Slav u hurmet, Ferrus

Anonymous said...


I'm very much familiar with the fact that the Church of the East was and is open to whomever wishes to adopt its faith,however,not in the way it was mentioned.

Again there is no such a thing as Nestorian because it's a misnomer even though it has been used ignorantly by some.

I will not add further since it's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about other than the Church of the East being a Universal Church.


May be you can share some of that love of yours with the Assyrians and Pontic Greeks who were victims with your fellow Armenians in Turkey in 1915 when the Seyfo(Sword)Genocide took place in Turkey.

It seems you either don't know history or you just have decided to conveniently block some parts of the Genocide history in Turkey and who helped the Turks commit the Genocide.

Kurdistan and Hayastan said...

My Assyrian friend, first of all. You are rigth, the genocide should be named the "Christian genocide in 1915" instead of the Armenian genocide, Its called the Armenian because the victims mainly was ethnic Armenians.

Second of all, the Kurds in generally know about the genocide and condemn it even if some of them dont want to talk about it, now to my point; there was several tribes that participated in the genocide and then some plain maniacs and bandits. I hate that argument that the genocide could not have happened if it wasnt for the Kurdish participation.
If your read about the Kurds that participated, you would know more.