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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Kurds in the loop of the Armenian adventure

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kurds in the loop of the Armenian adventure

Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Beginning from the last century, Kurds periodically became the object of speculative and adventurous games. The head of the national union of [ezidov] of the peace Of [aziz] Of [tamoyan] it turned to Yerevan authorities, to the government of Iraq, United Nations in connection with the assignment to [ezidam] of autonomy into the places of their stay. In the undercurrent of the rotation of speaker[a] of official Yerevan under the term autonomy are clearly outlined occupied by Armenians the Azerbaijan earth. However, the need for its request proceeds allegedly from the disturbance of the rights of the Kurds of [ezidov] by their Moslem brothers, which, in the opinion [A]. [Tamoyan], is manifested in the identification of Kurds with [ezidami]. Theme for [Etnoglobusa] in the exclusive interview comments on the Kurdish writer Ahmet [Apo].

- Armenian politicians for the first time do not attempt to present [ezidov] as individual ethnos.
I as men not the first day, which is occupied by these problems, from the first days traced in this the very thin policy of Yerevan, directed toward the expansionism. Separate Azerbaijan and Turkish media outlets inflate, that in that occupied of Armenia highland Karabakh are placed the armed forces [PKK]. However, Armenian of policy, relying on these given, they declare, which Azerbaijan wants to use this information as occasion for the beginning of military actions in highland Karabakh.
I count, this by the sequential trick of Yerevan, which is attempted sequential time to use a Kurdish map for the reinforcement of its occupational policy on the occupied Azerbaijan lands.
In 1993, official Baku turned to the world community in connection with the occupation by the Armenian armed forces of the adjacent highland Karabakh Azerbaijan territories. Yerevan authorities began [kontrigru] by several Kurds by [ezidami] and the Moslem Kurd from Azerbaijan Of [vekila] Of [mustafaeva]. They, coming out on the Yerevan television, reported creation in [Lachynskom] the region of Kurdish autonomy occupied, on the base of red [Kurdestana] existed in Azerbaijan in the twentieth years.

I will immediately state that in those years in Azerbaijan were formed the districts, including since 1923. until 1929. there was a Kurdish district, which later was abolished together with others, in connection with the liquidation of districts. No red [Kurdestana], as the autonomous administrative district in the composition of Azerbaijan there did not exist and all discussions around this bear speculative nature.

It asks itself, if actually Armenians then worried about the fate of the autonomy of Kurds, then why from Armenia in the connection [armyano]- Azerbaijan conflict brutally evicted tens of thousands of Kurds of Moslems, woman, children, old men were killed and proved to be in the Armenian captivity, whose fates are not still known.
(about this read - http://www.ethnoglobus.com/index.php?page=full&id=108)
Why thoughtful Armenian authorities did not grant autonomy in Armenia to Kurds.

However, Armenia using a Kurdish map, it attempted to demonstrate to the world community, that the occupation By [lachynskoy], [Zangelanskoy], The [gubadlinskie] and [Kelbadzharskie] regions, was realized not by them, but by the Kurds, who want to renew their autonomy in this territory. The group of the persons, the represented as leaders the so-called Kurdish autonomy were located in [Lachynskom] the region occupied only week. Further naturally everything was forgotten.

The present activity Of [a].[Tamoyana] hides in itself an attempt at the resuscitation of Kurdish map in highland - a Karabakh question. Official Baku, from the support of the international organizations and West with each day increasingly more zealous requires fast resolution of highland Karabakh conflict. Yerevan, driven in to the blind alley, resisting before the growing pressure in a question of regulating conflict, searches for the new levers of pressure. Statements [A].[Tamoyana] about the assignment to [ezidam] of autonomy is made up by the same intentions.

It is confident, that, speaking about the autonomy for [ezidov], [Tamoyan] bears in mind those occupied by Armenians Azerbaijan territories.

I.e., [ezidy], requiring the assignment by them of autonomy, must preserve for Armenia The [lachynskiy] corridor, which it is discussed in the course of the peaceful of the talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the context of the exchange of territories. Unfortunately, the Kurds of [ezidy], again become change map for Yerevan, in what they are guilty themselves.
Armenia never will allow creation, what or autonomy in the occupied territories, those more it will not allow the arrangement in highland Karabakh of the armed forces [PKK]. The Azerbaijan earth were occupied not for the Kurds. Armenian politicians and then now attempt to lead into error the world community, the not always being examined essence matter.
Concerning, the Kurds of [ezidov], it is necessary to recall that since the beginning of the propagation of Islam 90% Kurds was accepted the Mohammedanism. Small part, being covered in The [shangal] mountains in Iraq, preserved its original religion - [ezidizm]. In the 60- years I graduated from institute in Armenia and worked in the newspaper Of [rya] Of [tyazya] (new way), which is published in Yerevan. There all colleagues were Kurds by [ezidami], I was only Muslim. But we spoke in one language - on the dialect of [kurmandzhi]. Our epos, traditions, folklore are united. In that case as we can be different peoples. According to official data in the Soviet period in Armenia they lived 53 000 Kurds of [ezidov] and Moslems. 20 000 Kurds of Moslems were evicted from Armenia. In such a case as in Armenia they can live 50 000 Kurds of [ezidov].
In the International conferences it was repeatedly met with the Kurds by [ezidami], which themselves declare, that the majority of community left from Armenia and now compact they live in the different regions of Russia and CIS. In Armenia barely it remained Kurdish intelligentsia. Is stopped the activity of the Kurdish newspaper Of [rya] Of [tyazya]. The time of the radio of transfers in the Kurdish language on on to Armenian radio, is reduced from one-and-a-half hours to 15 minutes. Closed Kurdish department in the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. But in Azerbaijan Kurds [ezidy] in one historical stage did not live.

- In Russia is created the Kurdish encyclopedia, where the Azerbaijan historical personalities, writers present as by Kurdish. The actually this encyclopedia revives the ambitions, which exist among the Kurdish community. By these actions, the creators of this encyclopedia resemble the Armenians, who constantly deal with awarding strange cultures. Kurdish culture so whether poor which does need awarding of strange culture?

- To me it is known about the creation of this encyclopedia. I think that the Azerbaijan authors of Kurdish origin can be included in encyclopedia. If it is actual, as writes press in the encyclopedia Of [a].[Bakikhanov], [Kh].[B].[Natavan], [Ashug] they are ruby-colored, [A]. Vieilles and other Azerbaijan eminent figures are represented as Kurdish, then this bears the purpose of the hunting of peoples.

I was personally familiar with writer Ali [Veliev]. This major personality the writer, who was Azerbaijanian. It was orphan and it brought up in the Kurdish family, it was respectively grateful to them, also, with the large respect and it related by heat to this people. The same can be said and other personalities.

I consider that those, the writers, who present the Turkish epos Of [kerogly] as Kurdish, are not absolutely familiar with the Kurdish spirituality and the traditions. If it is actual [Kerogly], Kurdish epos, stolen by Turks, then why there is no its Kurdish version. There is this version of some authors, that [Kerogly] he was on the origin Kurd. But in the oral creation of the Kurdish people of concrete epos by the name There is no [kerogly]. In Kurds are a set their heroic epos as smoke smoke, [Alie] [Khardie], [Gyar] in [Kylyk] and others with the national coloring and the spirituality, which for some reason remain out of the field of propaganda. It wished the Kurdish epos to be transferred into the foreign languages, for the creation of idea about the Kurdish folklore among other peoples.
Being repulsed from similar statements, the Azerbaijan authors [opravdanno] can as the answer write that the Kurds do not have their culture, literature, traditions, folklore, history and they are forced to appropriate strange intellectual wealths. Some Kurdish scientists, knowing anything about the works of ancient Kurdish culture, folklore, cannot it propagandize. For peace it is necessary to show the models of present Kurdish culture and folklore, but not appropriated. Kurdish people folklore culture one of the rich in the east and does not need strange intellectual wealths.
Unfortunately, Kurds again proved to be drawn into the adventure. I as Kurd do not need Azerbaijan writers and poets, since our written language departs in IX century to the works of Ali [Khariri]. Kurdish people during its history grew the sufficiency of personalities, with which it is worthwhile to be proud and to propagandize. It is certainly simpler, to be occupied by intriguing, than to transfer the Kurdish authors and to acquaint by them the world reader.

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