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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Obama’s stand on Genocide and Kurdish issues contradicts Turkey’s position

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama’s stand on Genocide and Kurdish issues contradicts Turkey’s position


If Barack Obama’s pro-Armenian position he demonstrated during election campaign and his sympathy for Kurds affects his political decisions during his presidency, it can harm the U.S.-Turkey relations to a great extent, a Turkish expert said.

“During Obama’s presidency, serious contradictions can appear in foreign policy of the United States and Turkey,” Husnu Mahalli said.

Turkey is particularly concerned over Obama’s plegdes to recognize the Armenian Genocide and raise the issue in Congress, Mehelli said.

“Furthermore, Vice President Joseph Biden has good relations with Armenian lobby and a great sympathy for Kurds. His position can cause problems in U.S.-Turkey relations in future,” he added.

Sanli Bahadir Koc, expert at the Center of Strategic and International Studies said Obama’s attitude toward Armenian and Kurdish lobby can lead to political tensions between then two countries.

The most alarming issue is Obama’s position on the Armenian Genocide, according to him.

“There are some alarming signals in Obama’s stand on the Kurdish problem. If Obama pulls out U.S. troops from Iraq in a short-term period as he promised, in order to prevent Turkey from intervening into Northern Iraq, he will urge Turkey to recognize Kurdish administration and establish relations with it,” he said, Trend Azeri news agency reports.

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