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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Ermenî (Armenian) about Kurdistan

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ermenî (Armenian) about Kurdistan

A known Armenian blogger in Sweden called Ermenî writes about Kurdistan in this post (TRANSLATED FROM SWEDISH).

("En Armeniers tankar - Du kan kalla mig Ermeni" = The thoughts of a Armenian- You can call me Ermeni)

Why a Kurdistan really?

The Kurdish question is a long and complicated history and it is one of the oldest stateless nations on earth is not what you need me to tell right now. What you need me to tell you is that the NATO allies, Britain and the USA is on its way to try to destroy an oppressor of people, again, to crush the peshmerga who have fought against all comers. from Syria, from Iran, from Turkey and Iraq, in conflict after conflict since before I or any of my readers were born.

The Kurds have no state, they deserve to have one, and there is a large queue of oppressor nations determined to stop them. That is what you need to focus on.

There are more of them immediately displaced Palestinians than there were in 1948. Several thousands of them died in the slaughter which is operated by the Turkish army in the 1990s.

They stood and fought and died in large quantities. against the Baathists in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was our "bulwark against fundamentalist Iran." We owe them something.

That there is a historic Armenia in Kurdistan is well known, unfortunately, there was no majority Christians in the land, I wish it were so but it is, and has not been like that. However, we have AS MUCH right to Kurdistan as the Kurds.
According to me, I believe the Kurds can manage the Armenian soil best, the story has shown (although there are some Islamists in some villages).
The reason I believe that the Kurds have been throughout history, been open to all religions abrahamistiska except for certain occasions.

Turkey, we have seen treat Armenians, we were subjected to a genocide (one and half miljonav us were killed, also purchased Kurdish ashiret clans participated) and how they want to destroy our churches, not so long ago built a porn cinema in a Church and State granted this.

In Iran, all linked to convert to the Christian, Armenians have lived in peace with their balucher and Kurds. In Iraq, has even the government of Kurdistan built several Armenian churches Armenian schools (which I can display images in a day if interested!) And in Syria are Qamishli the city that should be an example for the whole of Kurdistan. Qamishli shows the true fraternity between the Assyrians, Syrians, keldaner and Kurds.

Biji Kurdistan

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