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Teach genocide!Teach genocide! Kurdistan and Hayastan - Hand in Hand: Never forget 1988 and 1915

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Never forget 1988 and 1915

Dear Readers,

In 2006 I started this site for a deeper understanding between the Armenian and the Kurdish people through a cultural and historical perspective.

Something that I never wrote about the two tragic genocide of Kurds and Armenians have been subjected to, as in the current situation also holds together the peoples. It is not confined to despise a genocide, but very inhumane to support it. Genocide will happen again unless the world community is doing everything in its power to prevent it.

On 16th March 1988, the city of Helebce was bombed in southern Kurdistan, over 5000 people died within hours. The city has become a symbol of genocide in South Kurdistan as assaults from there is so well documented with photography and film.

After about 20 months a total of 182,000 people had been killed, over 1 million civilians were refugees (mostly women and children) and total of 4000 villages, 250 Kurdish cities, 2000 schools and 27 Assyrian churches had been destroyed. The genocide campaign also consisted of deportations, concentration camps and in the current situation over 270 mass graves have been found.

Genocide never happens by accident. It takes time to plan and organize. There are always warning signs. Although the genocide in South Kurdistan came as a surprise to many, there were enough warning signs, both in history and in the present that a genocide threatened.

Iraq's highest court has recognized the former regime's crimes against humanity. Saddam was sentenced to death quickly and never got the blame for the genocide but have Chemical Ali sentenced to death three times for attacks. So, the perpetrators have been taken, the current administration has acknowledged it and historians write about atrocities as genocide. Why then has not the international community recognized the Anfal-campaign as a genocide?

Both Armenians and Kurds need rehabilitation in order to forgive their perpetrators, Armenians have waited over 100 years for relief from today's Turkey, in 1915 over 1.5 million people were massacred, this genocide Hitler to annihilate the Jews during World War II.

All people who are victims of genocide must be rehabilitated so as to initiate a reconciliation process.

Never forget the genocide in southern Kurdistan on 16th March 1988!

Gurgin Bakircioglu / Gourgen Bakirsian

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