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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turkey Has Three Problems - Cyprus, Kurdish And Armenian



France's ex Prime Minister Michel Rochard said that he believes thatTurkey deserves its place in Europe but, on Turkey's road to acceptanceinto the EU, it has to face three major obstacles, namely the Cyprus,Kurdish and Armenian problems. Rochard said that a Cyprus solutionwill be a political decision that would greatly help Turkey move astep closer to the EU. According to a press release from Turkey'sAltogether Development Foundation (IKV), joint work has been carriedout by IKV, Yeditepe University Law School and the University ofParis X Nanterre with there aim being 'To Move on from the fears ofTurkey entering Europe'.

A conference was held in Paris on the 12 and 13 March at which the formerFrench PM made a speech in which he saidthat their main aim was to abolish customs duties between the rest ofEurope and Turkey and after a while for it, like the rest of Europe,to start using the euro. He believed that Turkey deserved a placein the EU, but that they will immediately have to face their threebiggest problems, the Cyprus, Armenian and Kurdish problems. Rochardsaid the current state of the Cyprus problem is the main cause of theset back.

Turkey has taken the right steps under the United Nationssupervision and by the Turkish Cypriots saying 'Yes' to the referendumwas also one step closer to a set solution and EU acceptance.

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